Reiki is an easy, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement.   

In this fun, and exciting, class you will gain an understanding of the system of Reiki from the Traditional Japanese perspective! 

You will learn how to make reiki a daily practice and how to give yourself a Reiki treatment. 

Class combines learning, demonstration and LIVE practice!

Usui, founder of Reiki, placed a great emphasis on healing SELF as the root of all healing. You will be taught the self-healing meditations, principles and hand positions Usui taught his students! 

Reiki Shoden Level 1 Training includes:


  • Traditional Roots of Reiki – get inspired by how it all started
  • Study of the Five Elements of Reiki - and gain application practices
  • In-depth exploration of the Five Precepts (Ideals) of Reiki - how to live your life from love and flow 
  • Develop inner spiritual growth, intuition and enlightenment - grow your skills
  • Learn the Japanese energetic system (three diamonds) - balance energies in your body 
  • How to perform energy healing informally for others (Level 1 is not professional training)
  • Self-Healing hand positions - activate yourself every day!
  • Receive Your First Reiju (attunement) – the process which makes Reiki available to you for good
  • 21 Day Cleanse Overview and Integration Plan
  • A certificate of completion  – Receive a printed, dated and signed Reiki Level 1 certificate.

Traditional Japanese Shoden Techniques: 

  • Kenyoku ho (dry bathing method of purifying your energy field)
  • Seishin Toitsu (creating a unified mind-spirit)
  • Joshin Kokyu Ho (focusing the mind on one thing with breath)
  • Gassho (creates unity within the body)

This class is for you if you are:


  • Intuitively drawn or attracted to Reiki 
  • Looking to re-establish a connection to your true, deepest, self and the universal energy
  • Seeking a profound and nourishing life-long spiritual practice
  • Dealing with chronic pain or anxiety/depression and wanting to help heal yourself
  • Interested in personal growth and development
  • A highly sensitive person struggling with absorbing the energy of others
  • Wanting to develop knowledge on alternative healing methods for yourself, your family, your pets and your clients
  • Feeling stuck in life and in need of positive movement forward


Certifications & Credentials

Rebecca has completed education and hold certificates within Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho I, II and III Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and Group Chakra Healing Practitioner. 

Through a commitment to her own growth and development Rebecca overcame self-sabotage, negative self-talk and body shaming to create a healthy relationship with herself, and others. Using her journey as a guide she activates empowering Reiki energy within others and inspires people to connect with their inner-selves to achieve holistic health.


You’ll leave class with a personal healing and self-care practice you can use to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, and re-energize and re-charge yourself every single day!